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Yoga Mats for Beginners

Yoga Fitness freaks are going back to roots. Since ancient times, Yoga has been the fitness mantra for number of people. Whether you do it at home, at yoga studio or at public places like parks etc. yoga mat is required everywhere. There are various types of yoga mats available and one of the popular yoga mat type is starter yoga mats i.e. yoga mat for beginners.

Generally, all yoga mats are portable, but yoga mats built exclusively for beginners are lightweight and with extra pliable feature. These yoga mats are also used as travel yoga mats, as it take a very less space in the suitcase. For all those who are the frequent traveler and are looking for portable travel yoga mat should look for mat that comes with pouches and can easily be piled.

Below discussed are few frequently asked questions by yoga mat for beginner’s buyers?


What is yoga mat for beginners?

 Yoga mats for beginners are light in weight and easy in folding. The main purpose of starter yoga mat is that you can carry them with you wherever you travel.

 What to know when buying yoga mat for beginners?

 If you are buying beginner yoga mat online than you need to know the following attributes:

1. Thickness of a mat – Thickness of the yoga mats is very important attributes, as this is starter yoga mat it’s thickness is 4mm. 

2. Weight of the yoga mat - You can use this yoga mat as Travel yoga mat as its weight is as less as 2.2 pounds. 

3. Material - The yoga mat are suppose to be thin and yet durable and non-slippery.

4. Texture - The yoga mat texture is very important to know for its feel. 

5. The buyers’ budget - The yoga mats are available in high variation of price. You can definitely get a quality and durability in a cost-effective yoga mat for beginners.

6. Easy to carry while travelling - The yoga mat should be both portable and foldable.

7. Washable - Yoga mats absorbs lot of sweat. Therefore, low maintenance, easy to wash/ machine wash yoga mats should be preferable.


From where can I buy yoga mats for beginners?

Fortunately, Healthy Life Cycle is a store from where you can buy the yoga mat for beginners online. To have a healthy body is a consistent hard work. We here have the yoga equipment’s and accessories to make your yoga time more fun. The available here are versatile yoga mats. These are budgetary travel mats which are thin yet durable. These mats have negligible weight and are machine wash. Thus, are maintenance free. 

You can buy the best yoga mat for beginners online at Healthy life Cycle. As the name suggest at healthy Life Cycle, you can find the best of the products for healthy living. To have a healthy body is a consistent hard work. We here have the yoga equipment’s and accessories to make your yoga time more fun. The yoga mats for beginners at HLC are made up of thin material making these yoga mats both compact and foldable. The buyer can be confident for a grip. Many times, buyers are concern for the thickness of the mats, but that should not be a matter of concern because travel yoga mat are supposed to be thin. You can trust Healthy Life Cycle for both quality and price and get your yoga mat for beginners online.

If you’re not sure where to start, choose a yoga mats that’s about 4mm thick, called as yoga mat for beginners or starter yoga mat. These yoga mats are incredible for those with a strong, streaming practice. They permit strong contact with the floor, which assists with dependability during an assortment of postures, perfect for yoga for beginners. Contrasted with thicker yoga mats, they are likewise less inclined to get and impede you when you stream from posture to present. These Travel yoga mat are exceptionally slender and light, and pack down littler than customary mats, so they can easily fit in your baggage as well.

Made of PER: Completely Free from Phthalates, Latex and Toxic Heavy Metals. It Provides Superior Support and Cushioning Healthy Life Cycle Mats are Eco / natural yoga mats. This beginners yoga Mats have textured pattern, it naturally provide grip, and therefore they are less slippery.

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