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Foam Rollers

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  1. Thera-Band(TM) Foot Roller
    Thera-Band TM, Foot Roller, 1 Piece
    Special Price US$24.99 Regular Price US$30.00 As low as US$19.99
  2. Medi Dyne RangeRoller - Original 19"
    Medi Dyne, RangeRoller, Original 19", 1 Piece - Clearance
    Special Price US$35.00 Regular Price US$70.00
  3. Medi Dyne RangeRoller - Pro, 16"
    Medi Dyne, RangeRoller, Pro, 16", 1 Piece - Clearance
    Special Price US$30.00 Regular Price US$60.00
  4. RangeRoller - XL by Medi-Dyne
    Medi-Dyne, RangeRoller, Size XL (25" long), 1 Piece
    Special Price US$54.99 Regular Price US$66.00
  5. Thera-Band(TM) PRO FOAM ROLLERS -  6in Diameter X 12in Length
    Thera-Band, PRO FOAM ROLLER, 6in Diameter X 12in Length, 1 Piece
    Special Price US$29.99 Regular Price US$30.00
  6. Thera-Band Roller Massager - Standard Model
    Thera-Band Roller Massager, Standard Model, 1 Piece
    Special Price US$49.99 Regular Price US$56.00
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11 Items

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Staying fit and healthy is not just about spending hours in gym and sweating. It can be done at home too as a fitness routine with the things available at home. The most important of which is using your own body-weight. One tool which should always be a part of your home gym or your yoga space is a foam roller. With changing technologies, foam rollers have been developed into sophisticated props. For example, padded plastic rollers, also called as Trigger Point Foam Rollers, retains its' shape for a long period of time without wearing and tearing.

Exercising on a foam roller is like visiting a spa for an intense deep-tissue massage which relaxes your muscles. Contrary to common belief, foam rollers are not only for professional athletes or serious body builders. They can be used by everyone. Be it a person working in a corporate office, a housewife or older adults, everyone can use round foam rollers to massage out tight knots from their muscles.

From being a mysterious and fancy technique used by professional fitness experts, trainers and coaches and therapists, foam rollers are now found in many households and used by people of all fitness levels.

With 36 inch foam roller or 18 inch foam rollers available on Healthy Life Cycle, yogis can gently twist their bodies without worrying about tense muscles. They know that these rollers can help them keep their muscles supple as well as aid in a quick and recovery.

For novices, foam rollers can be a little hard to use in the beginning, but if you take a few minutes every day to practice using your roller, it starts felling normal. Advanced yoga session injuries can also be avoided by using Foam Rollers. What are you waiting for? Buy a foam roller for yourself or your loved ones and roll out all the pain! We have 36 inch foam rollers, 18 inch foam rollers, Trigger point foam rollers, Thera-band roller massagers, half round foam rollers and more!

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